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  The Commodore 64 is the epitome of the 8-bit computer. It has everything you need for any hobbyist programmer – excellent color, excellent sound, excellent sprites. What the “out-of-the-box” C-64 did not have was an excellent BASIC interpreter. Most of the exciting features required a lot of Machine Language savvy, or a bunch of POKEs, PEEKs, and SYSes.

  Other BASIC extensions were published during the halcyon days – but as editor of LOADSTAR, I needed to write classy, splashy programs that did not muck up the default operating system. Thanks to the LOADSTAR Legacy, we have numerous “tool boxes” that accomplished wonderful things. But I wanted a programming environment. I needed DotBASIC!

  DotBASIC Plus is a BASIC extension where you decide how much extending you need. The ML modulettes that actually do the magic are collected into your program and organized so you don’t have to worry about technical details. Just “include,” “DEV,” and get back to your own creative endeavor.

  And after the DB+ program finishes running, the default operating system is back in charge. This is sort of like putting away all our toys when we are done playing – just like Mom insisted!

  DB+ would not be possible without Lee Novak’s masterful Mr.Mouse module. Mouse control, event regions, menus, and other features come directly from Lee’s genius. And this publication of DB+ would not have happened without Alan Reed.

  Alan and I met at the LUCKI Expo in Louisville, KY, a number of years ago. He was just getting into hobbyist programming, and I sent him an early version of DB+. He fell in love with the whole environment. He also collected my rather ratty documentation and tutorials, corrected the spelling, checked out every one of the 100 DotCommands, and wrote The Manual. He wasn’t satisfied until he had a marvelous, chatty, informative, and accurate documentation of his favorite language. Alan also put together this site, and kicked me into getting on with the job of providing DB+ to the world. And You!

  So get cracking. You will be surprised what you can do with your old C-64 or VICE emulator! And you will be entering a whole community of like-minded hobbyists with tales to tell and ideas to share on the DB Forum. As new DotCommands arise, you will soon have them in your library. And Alan or I will always be glad to answer your questions.

Welcome to the 21st Century Software Development Environment: DotBASIC Plus!


DotBASIC's creator, Dave Moorman, has been the man behind LOADSTAR since 2001.  As the editor and main creative force driving the legendary disk magazine, Dave has created an impressive and always growing library of C-64 games and utilities over the years for all of us to enjoy.